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Industrial inverter control panel for 230V three-phase motor up to 2CV with support for absolute encoder, circuit breaker and industrial stop button

Extensive peripheral support

The panel has a multitude of inputs and outputs for the connection of peripherals. It also has a dual 24VDC power supply to power all necessary peripherals.

  • Two analog inputs for safety edges
  • Two digital inputs for safety devices
  • Socket for WBAND plug-in card
  • Input for FSS pulsed safety devices
  • Input for emergency stop button
  • Three configurable activation inputs
  • Four configurable NO outputs
  • Dedicated output for 230V brake
  • Quick connector and plug-in terminals for absolute encoder

High configurability and signalling

The front cover exposes to the outside a display with pushbutton panel for configuration, a recessed mechanical pushbutton panel, an emergency stop button and a three-phase circuit breaker. All buttons are backlit so that the control panel can be operated in low-light environments.

The display provides information on the operation of the controller and gives the installer access to the configuration in an intuitive way. It has LED indicators that give a quick display of the current status of the inputs and the panel in a simple way.

Fit for industrial applications

The BOX H VF20 enclosure is sized for industrial applications where a large amount of wiring and peripherals require a lot of space inside.

The enclosure is IP65 and has three removable cable glands by means of a sliding mechanism and two fixed cable glands.

Multiple configuration modes

This motor controller allows 5 different operating modes consistent with the EN1324-1:2003 European standard: automatic, optional automatic, alternating stop (semiautomatic), dead-man and semiautomatic dead-man.