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Access Controllers

BOX S 320

Base Station receiver to manage SMINN PLUS readers

Secure communication

Communication with readers and keboards is carried out through a solid RS485 bus, allowing long distance connections. It is highly resilient to interferences.

Versatility in installations

BOX S 320 is a base station receiver that manages SMINN PLUS readers. Thanks to the RS485 bus it allows greater versatility in installations, supporting up to two readers.

Up to 2000 codes

Possibility of increasing the user capacity thanks to the removable memories of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 users.

Easier to install

SMINN's BOX S are designed to be easilly installed: with greater binding of the circuit, more room for wiring, easy-fixation system to the wall with three screws and an operation indicator led. Its code management capabilities without having to travel to the installation make it easy to maintain the installation.


BOX S 320 RS485 Removable memory 250 codes 230VAC
BOX S 320-K5 RS485 Removable memory 500 codes 230VAC
BOX S 320-1K RS485 Removable memory 1000 codes 230VAC
BOX S 320-2K RS485 Removable memory 2000 codes 230VAC