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Dual-channel transmitter with Evolutive Cryptocode.

Evolutive Cryptocode

A new encryption system that protects SMINN products from scanners and fraudulent duplications using a custom algorithm with triple encryption based on random 72 bits keys.

Programming options

SMINN transmitters can be programmed via radio making installation management easy and effective. The invitation system allows installers to sell new transmitters to their customers without needing to actually go to the installation site.

Full reliability and higher range

Just pressing the button, the transmitter will send the required order up to 330 feet (100 meters).

Available in several colours

Several colour combinations are available, please contact us to check availability depending on the model.


DUO 434 PV 2 channels 433.92 MHz Pistachio-Green
DUO 434 RN 2 channels 433.92 MHz Red-Black
DUO 434 NC 2 channels 433.92 Mhz Black-Pumpkin

* Consult us for more casing and button color options