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Universal motor controller for one three-phase 230V motor with digital configuration and frequency inverter

Digital configuration

Its high quality LCD display and keyboard allows for intuitive maneuver configuration. An assisted configuration system provides a more confortable way to configure the maneuver as it runs. Configuration includes:

  • Maneuver and start-up regulable motor power and speed
  • Fine ramp regulation for speed changes
  • Independent soft stop for both opening and closing
  • Security test for both light barriers and security bands

Integrated protections

The BOX L VF1D implements an state-of-the-art current sensing system that allows it to detect overcurrent and shortcircuit faster than typical protection systems. The controller learns how much current the motor uses and allows the installer to tune the protections for each particular case. Additional protection is provided with our current sensing algorithm that detects collisions and lockings before the consumption escalates.

Frequency inverter

The controller itself acts as a frequency inverter thanks to an in-house design with the latest technology and know-how on vectorial control for frequency inverters.

All kinds of doors and gates

Designed for sliding gates, sectional doors, rolling shutters, overhead and speed doors.

Multiple configuration modes

This motor controller allows 5 different operating modes consistent with the EN1324-1:2003 European standard: automatic, optional automatic, alternating stop (semiautomatic), dead-man and semiautomatic dead-man.


BOX L VF1D No external buttons
BOX L VF1D BT-002 Polycarbonate button cover
BOX L VF1D BT-003 Electromechanic button cover