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Networked systems

FA 1210

A power supply module developed to deliver power to elements of a security and SMINN control access network


More than 83% efficiency at 230 VAC and more than 80% in lower voltage inputs.

Easy installation

Manufactured in ABS casing with a DIN 46277 track assembly that allows its integration inside electric panels.

State-of-the-art technology

Incorporates a CoolSET F3 integrated circuit for off-line power supplies that has very low consumption in stand-by, auto reset, soft starter, protection against short-circuit and a great current stability.


It can be connected to alternating current at 50 and 60 Hz and from 85 VAC up to 270 VAC.


FA 1210 10W 12V DC estabilizada
FA 1220 20W 12V DC estabilizada
FA 12EC 15W 12V DC para electrocerradura