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Access Controllers


BOX M receiver with 2G/3G/4G GSM module for access control and system activation

Simple access control

GSM B allows to configure for each user a use limit and a timetable range in which the system will grant him/her access. Its rotative memory of 8000 events can be downloaded and managed using GSMTool

Several uses

Manage with your phone the control of all accesses (home, office, garage, etc). They are designed to execute the order of activation/movement to SMINN motor controllers, alarms, access control network, home automation and security systems, etc.

Easy to use

A simple call or an SMS is enough to activate the receiver and executing the programmed actions. If the phone that sends the order is not registered the system just ignores it.


GSM B has three different modes that help integrate it with motor controllers and automation systems: Dual channel, Open/Close and Automatic cycle. Each of these modes have configurable relay and wait times to ensure the GSM B is the best fit for your installation.


GSM B 100 100 users
GSM B 200 200 users
GSM B 400 400 users
GSM B 1000 1000 users
GSM B 2000 2000 users