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Company Resume

SMINN is the new trademark of automatisms that launched in 2010. Aimed at professionals, we offer products and electronic services for automatisms and access control in industrial environment. A wide and diversified portfolio divided in five different ranges: radio, access control, motor controllers, security and home automation. A trademark pledging for innovation and design as values that set us apart from the rest. The variety of products and a qualified and professional technical support that makes easier the installer’s labour.

The SMINN brand is designed and manufactured by Elson Electrónica, a company that has been developing and manufacturing custom electronic systems for the industrial, consumer, motor and rail sectors for more than 25 years.

Elson provides full service to their clients: writing the specifications, circuit design, software development, prototyping, serial production, assembling, logistics... Moreover, Elson provides full service to SMINN , so we have full knowledge and control over the products.

En los últimos años Elson Electrónica ha invertido en mejorar sus instalaciones. En la actualidad cuenta con maquinaria que le permite hacer frente a los proyectos de un modo más flexible, versátil y preciso. Algunas de estas herramientas son las tres líneas de montaje SMDs que le permiten montar 100.000 componentes/ hora, aumentando la capacidad de producción en un 30%, ó los robots de seis ejes de la fima Stäubli para la aplicación de procesos automáticos robotizados. Elson Electrónica quiere optimizar los procesos de producción aplicando los robots a centros de atornillado, movimiento de piezas y soldadura.

Elson Electrónica’s know-how is reflected in the design of the product, in its development and industrialization. This savoir-faire and technical capability can be seen in SMINN products.